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DETOX & REJUVENATION by Food Supplement Shop for detoxifying your full body.

  • Vestige Detox Foot Patches


    Detox Foot Patches helps you regain health and vitality by helping the body eliminate toxins through a natural process. It works on the principle of reflexology, which is based on the concept that areas on the foot corresponds to different areas of the body, and that manipulating these may improve health. These patches are 100 % natural, safe, easy to use and provide rapid detoxification. Note: Drink plenty of water to assist complete detoxification

     1,205.00  1,400.00

    Vestige Detox Foot Patches

     1,205.00  1,400.00
  • Vestige Fibre 200g

    Vestige Dietary Fibre is a special blend of 3 soluble Fibres, Chicory root extract, Maltodextrin and Guar Gum. Soluble Fibres attract water and form a gel, which slows down digestion giving a full feeling for long. Chicory root extract contains inulin which is the main source of Fibre. It is a low calorie yet high Fibre root extract that adds to the daily requirement of Fibre to maintain digestive health. Inulin is a prebiotic, which supports the presence of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. A spoon (5 g) of Vestige Dietary Fibre contains 4 grams of soluble Fibre. Dosage: Adults & Children (12 years & above) 1 teaspoon per day & gradually increase Fibre intake

     770.00  900.00

    Vestige Fibre 200g

     770.00  900.00
  • Vestige Ganoderma Capsules

    Ganoderma Lucidum is a type of mushroom that contains effective antioxidants, which help in strengthening the immune system and detoxifying the body. It has stress-relieving properties that refresh the body and calm the nerves. It promotes stamina and endurance to fight fatigue and illnesses. It also helps to improve blood circulation, boosts immunity and energises the body. As a detoxifier it helps to eliminate toxins from the body accumulated through intake of various medications and helps to maintain the body balance. It also helps to maintain stability and ensure balance between internal and external body conditions. It enhances the overall wellness of the human body as it is a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients. Each capsule contains Ganoderma lucidum Extract Powder (Chatrakh) 425 mg. Dosage: One capsule three times daily

     785.00  920.00

    Vestige Ganoderma Capsules

     785.00  920.00

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