• Nutrinest Meethi Tulsi Stevia Smart Sweetener


    Nutrinest Meethi Tulsi Stevia Smart Sweetener

    • It is 100% natural, with stevia sweetness of 75 percent and sugar sweetness of 25 percent.
    • It is a smart sweetener, which smartly gives you the sweetness the same as sugar. It has the same sweetness as sugar but has fewer calories, a lower glycemic index, and fewer carbs. As a low-calorie sweetener, it helps you to maintain a safe and fit lifestyle without sacrificing sweetness.
    • It is the most efficient way to decrease your daily sugar intake. It is cost-effective since 250 gm of Meethi Tulsi equals 1 kg sugar.
    • This protects you from cavities at an early age.
    • Stevia farming uses less water, which benefits the climate.
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